Hey fellow bookworms! I’ve been busily reading and working on a stack of reviews for you (coming soon, I promise!), but for now I’ve got a question:

Do you know of any great book review programs to share? Or authors who are officially asking for reviewers? Please only share legit sources and include links!



Review: The Orphan’s Wish by Melanie Dickerson

35229027Another fairy tale retelling from Melanie Dickerson! For those of you who’ve been waiting for Kirstyn’s turn to fall in love, it’s finally here in The Orphan’s Wish. Strangely enough, did you know Aladdin left the Middle East as a little boy and grew up in Hagenheim? I guess it’s a whole new world for him to explore….

Kirstyn is the daughter of Duke Wilhelm and Lady Rose of Hagenheim, raised in the proverbial lap of luxury in 1400s Lower Saxony. But her closest companion is Palestinian orphan Aladdin, rescued as a child from a life of forced thievery. The two grow up together, their friendship surviving every trial, until Aladdin leaves to make his fortune. He believes he’ll never be worthy of Kirstyn’s affections without one, and so he moves to the city of Lüneberg, where he finds success as a merchant.

But Aladdin’s departure from Hagenheim leaves Continue reading

Recommended Read: Kristi Ann Hunter’s A Defense of Honor

36353414I’ll admit, I wondered if Kristi Ann Hunter’s new Haven Manor series could live up to the standard of her debut Hawthorne House series. The verdict? Yes, A Defense of Honor definitely measures up. 

Kit FitzGilbert vanished from London’s social scene years ago and swore never to return. But when business sends her running for her life, she’s forced back into a ballroom to hide. There she meets Graham, Viscount of Wharton, who is instantly intrigued by the woman he finds hiding behind a potted tree. Graham soon suspects that Kit holds the answer to a mystery he’s trying to solve, but as much as Kit wants to help him, she can’t. Telling him everything would endanger everyone she loves, so Kit vanishes into the night once again. Neither anticipates the way their lives will continue to intersect long after that chance meeting. 

I loved this book! Kit is immediately interesting – after all, we meet her hiding behind a plant – and the dynamics of Continue reading

Ask Bethany House: Do You Hate One-Star Reviews?

Amy’s comments below the bad reviews in this post are relevant but also laugh-out-loud funny! Hope you giggle AND learn as much as I did. : )

Bethany House Fiction

This month’s Ask Bethany House question takes a look at a somewhat-controversial subject: “As a publicist who works with reviewers, do you ever get mad when you see one-star reviews of your authors’ books?”

So, let me first note that while I love my Bethany House authors, I have a good deal more objectivity when it comes to reading negative reviews than the authors themselves. After all, I didn’t spend months (or even years) of my life lovingly crafting a fictional world and putting imaginary people through trauma to get to a happy ending.

To give you a glimpse behind their side of the desk, I’ve heard of authors who…

  • Don’t ever read reviews to avoid obsessing over them.
  • Find one-star reviews normal and sometimes even hilarious.
  • Feel completely crushed and stressed out when they first read a scathing review.
  • Ask a friend to read bad reviews and pass on…

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Reading Challenge Check-In

Hey y’all! How are your corners of the bookish world? I’ve been catching up with a few old favorites, but I’ll have new reviews for you soon. Recently I’ve reread Shattered by Dani Pettrey, and right now I’m in Regency London revisiting the Hawthornes in Kristi Ann Hunter’s An Inconvenient Beauty.

Do you have any favorite titles you like to reread now and then? Do you count rereads in your books-read total for a given year?

Since Memorial Day is fast approaching and we’ve got some time before I have fresh reviews to share, I thought I’d check in on your reading challenges. I’m a little ahead on mine (58% complete). How about you? If you’re behind, no worries! You’ve still got a solid seven months left. : )

Recommended Read: Falling for You by Becky Wade

36347611Falling for You is the second novel in Becky Wade’s fabulous Bradford Sisters series, and this time it’s eldest sister Willow’s turn. And her costar is none other than former flame, ex-NFL player Corbin Stewart. When a family mystery and his precocious niece bring them back together, will they find more than they expected in one another? 

All I can say about this book is: ARGH! I can’t handle this many committed relationships with fictional characters, people. I’m starting to love the Bradfords as much as the Porters. 

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Review: Storm Front

36430725“I know you feel decimated, but don’t let your circumstances tell you who God is. Let who God is tell you how to deal with your circumstances.” – Storm Front

Susan May Warren’s latest novel might just tip you OFF the edge of your seat! When a tornado rips through a small Minnesota town, a group of teens disappears – and with them, PEAK Rescue team leader Chet King. Haunted former pilot Ty Remington refuses to lose his mentor or anyone else, so he leads the PEAK team in a search for the missing. What could make this more dramatic, you ask?

How about Continue reading