HIGHLY Recommended Read: An Hour Unspent

an_hour_unspentWhat an end to this Shadows Over England series! Barclay Pearce is officially my favorite member of this patchwork family of thieves and orphans, y’all.

An Hour Unspent is a fascinating mix of romance, espionage, and self-discovery. And the characters! Barclay is just this subtly brilliant, ordinary man with such skill at his profession and the softest heart. It’s no wonder he’s been able to “adopt” so many orphans and create a family, from Willa and Rosemary to Clover and baby Patch. And it’s heartbreaking to realize he started this after his own family was ripped apart.

This story really shows you the impact of the family’s changes. Rosemary’s and Willa’s stories took them Continue reading “HIGHLY Recommended Read: An Hour Unspent”


Review: Lynette Eason’s Called to Protect

called_to_protectIn Called to Protect, it’s Chloe St. John’s job to protect Columbia, SC, and her loved ones from danger. With her K-9 partner Hank at her side, this St. John is just as determined to serve her community as the rest of her family. When the discovery of a trailer full of human trafficking victims provides the first real lead in her young cousin’s disappearance, Chloe races to find the girl before the case goes cold again. 

An old friend of the St. Johns, U.S. Marshall Blake MacCallum is horrified when his daughter is taken by the traffickers and used as leverage against him. When a task force assigned to bring down the Continue reading “Review: Lynette Eason’s Called to Protect”

An Hour Unspent is Here!

Oh, happy day!

Release day, that is. It’s official, y’all: the third and final installment in Roseanna M. White’s Shadows Over England series has landed on shelves everywhere. An Hour Unspent looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to discover Barclay’s story. I’ve got my copy and my fingers are just itching to turn its pages.

Full review to come, but the first few chapters are intriguing and the characters charming. Evelina looks to be a spunky heroine, and I’ve been wanting Barclay’s backstory since we met in A Name Unknown. (He’s a bookworm AND all about family, after all.) Well, it’s back to the Edwardian era for me. Happy reading, y’all!

P.S. Here’s a link to Roseanna’s release day giveaway!

Recommended Read: Dead Drift by Dani Pettrey

Dead_DriftI’ve been waiting for Luke Gallagher’s story since Cold Shot started the Chesapeake Valor series, and it does NOT disappoint. Whew! (Sorry, I’m still swooning.) Action-packed plot, heatstroke-inducing romance, dynamic characters you don’t want to let go…the only flaw is that it’s the series finale!

Dani Pettrey’s Dead Drift is inspirational romantic suspense at its best. Luke Gallagher, the mystery character of the series, finally steps into the spotlight, and boy does he return to the Chesapeake area with a bang! Former flame and private investigator Kate Maxwell has been searching for Luke since he disappeared almost eight years ago. But is the Luke who returns the man she remembers?  Continue reading “Recommended Read: Dead Drift by Dani Pettrey”

Recommended Read: Caught by Surprise

5135gg7AJEL__SY346_I finished this book days ago, and I’m STILL laughing. Jen Turano’s Caught by Surprise is chock-full of endearing characters, especially Temperance Flowerdew and Gilbert Cavendish. Old favorites like Asher Rutherford, Harrison Sinclair, Permilia Griswold, Gertrude Cadwalader, Mrs. Davenport and the indomitable Huxley sisters all play prominent roles in this sweet but feisty story as Temperance rediscovers her true self. 

Filled with Turano’s trademark humor and Gilded Age New York history, Caught by Surprise introduces the real Temperance – not the silent wallflower from Behind the Scenes, but a Continue reading “Recommended Read: Caught by Surprise”

Review: Beneath the Surface by Lynn H. Blackburn

beneath_the_surfaceAll right, my readers. You know I’m sometimes hesitant to promote new-to-me authors here on Scribbles, but when I came across Lynn H. Blackburn’s Beneath the Surface, I was intrigued. Revell is the publisher (also under the Baker name with Bethany House), and I favor inspy romantic suspense, so I picked this one up at the library.

Beneath the Surface focuses on nurse Leigh Weston, who’s trying to move on after a stalker disrupted her life. She’s moved back to her hometown of Carrington, North Carolina, to find a new normal – but then a body is found in the lake behind her house, and Leigh becomes a target. Enter underwater homicide investigator Ryan Parker, Continue reading “Review: Beneath the Surface by Lynn H. Blackburn”