News from Becky Wade!

Hey there, fellow bookworms! Apologies for the radio silence the last couple weeks; it’s been hectic in my little corner of the world of late. I’m currently reading Roseanna M. White’s new release, A Name Unknown, and hope to have a review for y’all soon.

In the meantime, here’s an intriguing post from Becky Wade with news about her upcoming story collaboration with other Bethany House authors Kristi Ann Hunter, Sarah Loudin Thomas, and Karen Witemeyer. A multigenerational novella collection with a family legend to boot, plus a connection to the fabulous Bradford Sisters series!

Check it out here:

I’m already swooning over Leo the history professor from Merryweather, and I haven’t even ready his story yet. 😉 Go see what Becky has to say and add this one to your TBR list!

Six Reasons British Books Are the Best

I love British settings in my historical fiction (thanks, Jane Austen), so this post from Bethany House is right up my alley. If you fancy European-set historical fiction, you’ll enjoy this, too. AND if you love FREE BOOKS….there’s also a giveaway to enter!

Bethany House Fiction

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that American readers have long been fascinated with stories featuring their British cousins. Here, I’m talking about historical romances (though I’m sure modern-day Brits are just as dreamy). Whether we’re going all the way back to the streets of Victorian London or to the noir England of Agatha Christie, there are reasons we’re drawn to books set across the pond.

One: Tidbits of Interesting History

Those of us who grew up in the States have probably been well-educated in the (relatively short) timeline of our own country. Not to say it isn’t interesting, but there’s very little that surprises me anymore.

But The Captain’s Daughter taking me backstage behind the real workings of Gilbert and Sullivan’s famous operas? That I’d never thought of, and everything from the dangers of Victorian London to the life of an actress to the new spotlight technologies was a learning…

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10 Problems Only Bookworms Understand

Check out this fun post from Rachael over at Bethany House! Only 10 bookworm problems?? 😉

Bethany House Fiction

We’re shaking things up a bit at the office this month! Our fiction publicist, Amy Green, is usually the one behind these blog posts, but I was given the opportunity to write this one. I’m Rachael Wing, the editorial and publicity intern here at Bethany House Publishers for the summer. I started reading at the age of four and have been buried in my “to-be-read” pile since then, always finding new books to add. I’ve been passionate about Christian fiction since I started book reviewing two years ago and am thrilled to now be working directly with authors and their manuscripts at my dream workplace.

As fellow bibliophiles, we’ve all picked up on some bookish habits over time yet we’ve learned to embrace them as who we are. Here are some that I admittedly relate to:

1. Owning more than one copy of your favorite book(s)

You have to own…

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Review: High as the Heavens by Kate Breslin

51sRkaVS-iLKate Breslin’s latest novel, High as the Heavens, is a WWI masterpiece. Would you look at that cover? Gorgeous. Plus, there’s this perfect blend of romance, history, dynamic characters, and intrigue in her writing.

By day, Eve Marche is a widowed nurse in occupied Belgium. By night, she’s a member of an underground resistance network. When an Allied plane crashes nearby, Eve is shocked to realize that the injured airman and spy is Simon Forrester – her husband. Eve and Simon struggle toward reconciliation while Simon recovers and they both continue their spy work. Rather hard to trust a spy, no? Continue reading

Favorite Book Covers of 2017, Part 1

Everybody knows the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, that doesn’t mean we don’t get a thrill from an attractive cover now and then. I adore a lovely cover that perfectly echoes the theme or content of the story inside it. If the cover model matches my mental image of a character, so much the better!

Here are some of my favorite book covers from 2017 – so far. Continue reading

Recommended Read: Threads of Suspicion

51R232y6HEL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_It’s always a good month when a new Dee Henderson book hits the shelves!

Threads of Suspicion is the second book focused on Evie Blackwell and Illinois’s Missing Persons Task Force. Much to my delight, it continues Henderson’s habit of appearances by previous characters – Ann and Paul Falcon, Sharon Noble, John Lawson, and even a mention of Bryce Bishop. Now if only she’d bring Mark Bishop back for a cameo! Or Joe “Bear” Baker and his SEAL team….

Dee Henderson’s books often feature law enforcement or military characters and plots, and I love the mysterious atmosphere she’s created in this one. Threads of Suspicion splits its focus between two cases: Evie’s investigation into a missing college student, and her partner David Marshall’s into a PI’s disappearance. Neither cop anticipates the Continue reading