Your Assistance, Please…

Hi everyone! This isn’t an official post (that will come later this week, hopefully), just a quick request for your help. I’m working to become a blogger book reviewer for a few publishing houses, and a couple of them prefer their blogger reviewers to have at least 30 followers.

That said, I’d love to have you follow along as I share reviews of the books I read and talk about my “somedays,” those things I hope for, plan for, and dream of. There should be a button on the right-hand side of your screen that says “FOLLOW.” Just enter your email address and you’ll receive any new content I post here. Also, feel free to share this blog’s web address ( with friends, family, strangers in the elevator with you… 😉

Happy following!


2 thoughts on “Your Assistance, Please…

  1. The Artist Librarian says:

    I’m currently trying to work on apply to litfuse (800 unique monthly visits?) and it is difficult at times. I would suggest you consider creating a Facebook page for your blog, a Twitter, and maybe even Instagram. Then add those widgets to your blog sidebar. I say that because even after blogging for almost a year, if I only counted email subscribers, I don’t know if I’d have enough “followers” to apply to some programs today. But because people choose to follow my blog via those other social media sites (which you can interlink so that when you post on one it shows up on the others) I have enough followers.

    Also, try to consistently post 2-3 times a week. I definitely fail at that, but as a college student, I’m sure you can relate …

    Keep blogging, Sarah! I think your reviews are very well written and thought out and I hope I could help a bit … 🙂


    • sclauche says:

      Artist Librarian,

      Good advice! I’ll share this comment so our fellow book reviewers and bloggers can use it, too 🙂 Still twiddling with the layout here on Scribbles & Somedays…

      Did I see you over on Seekerville? 🙂


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