The Joys of Finishing Not One, But Two Rachel Hauck Novels in a Week

If you haven’t given a Rachel Hauck ( novel a whirl, please go to the nearest library/bookstore/online book source and pick one up to read. I haven’t read them all, but they’re in my TBR (to be read) pile, and I’ll get there!

Rachel does a fantastic job of weaving romance and real life (in this case, the intertwining real lives of ordinary blue collar families and European royalty) into a plot that also unapologetically delivers a strong message of faith and the love of Christ for His. Please read this author’s work with that foreknowledge, because she shares her faith and that of millions within each story she crafts. The personal interactions of a human characteonce-upon-a-prince-PW-starr with a Divine Lord, and how that character changes and grows dynamically over the course of that novel is one of my favorite aspects of Rachel’s writing.

While I have read Once Upon a Prince and recently its following novella, A March Bride, before, I hadn’t yet read either Princess Ever After or How to Catch a Prince. This weekend, I happily dove in and finished up Princess Ever After, then gleefully jumped into the pages of How to Catch a Prince, the third novel in The Royal Wedding Series.

Princess Ever After is the story of Regina Beswick, who grows up believing she’s an ordinary Florida girl – only to discover that she is, in fact, a princess! Her innocent childhood dream of being a princess (spurred by her princess-in-hiding gram’s make-believe princess games) actually comes true, and Regina is completely shocked by the news. Tanner is a government official in Hessenberg, and he is chosen to reach out to Regina, the lost princess. As you might guess, the news takes some getting used to for Regina!

Throughout this novel, Tanner and her faith help Regina grasp this new reality and adjust to the idea, and she does come to accept her princess-ship and takes the throne of Hessenberg, honoring her gram Alice’s legacy. And as you may have figured out, he and Regina live happily ever after in Hessenberg!

By the way, my definition of “happily ever after” is: realistic lives interspersed with trials and humanity; dependent on love, faith, dedication, and forgiveness; and filled with people of character. No singing mice, no pumpkin carriages (although both pumpkins and carriages are acceptable 😉 ), and no magic.

How to Catch a Prince tells the tale of Corina and Stephen, the Crown Prince of Brighton. They had a relationship years ago but fell apart after secrets and tragedy–and simple, imperfect humanity–interfered. This novel tells how Stephen and Corina reunite and build a more solid, stronger relationship several years later, although they each fight their feelings and God’s guidance along the way.

ThesHowToCatchAPrince-200x308e novels are startlingly real, despite the character roster of royals. Seemingly-improbable plots somehow become normal inside Rachel Hauck’s world of Brighton, Hessenberg, and the American South, and your world fades away as you immerse yourself in this one. You’ll want to reread these stories again and again!

Recommended for: fans of real-life fairy tales; readers who appreciate Christian themes in their reading material (WARNING: strong themes of faith and belief in God throughout all of these books); adults and middle-to-older teens who enjoy faith-filled romance/Christian fiction


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