Kids’ Book Clubs: Where Were These When I Was a Child?

Recently I came across an article in Seattle Magazine, “Seattle’s Kids Book Club Boom” and I have just one little question:


I would have absolutely loved being part of a book club, especially one geared toward children and their interests. Right now, off the top of my book-lovin’ head, I can think of oodles of possible books we could have read, me and my imaginary fellow book clubbers. Perhaps one day I’ll be that grown-up who starts a book club for the kids in the neighborhood.

db425cdec0a745896b5b5da015594c78This article discusses the benefits of children’s book clubs, including getting the little ones individually interested in reading as more than just homework. The really neat thing about the groups mentioned in this article is that a) there are a range of book clubs for different ages, b) bookstores and libraries are sponsoring and hosting them, and c) some even have local authors facilitate these book club meetings! It wouldn’t be difficult to arrange for guest author hosts for these groups, or to start similar ones for young writers, kind of like junior writing workshops.

What do you think? Would you have been interested in a children’s book club as a kid or teen?

Which authors would you have wanted to read or have host a meeting?

Is there anything like this in your town?


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