The Wonders of Audiobooks


Apologies for the delay in posting new content for y’all, but I’ve brought fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies and cool glasses of milk today to make blogging amends! 😉 I’ve been under the weather, but I have been busily doing research on today’s topic, and now without further ado…

Recently, I’ve started listening to audiobooks as I drive each day. I happened across a Nancy Drew audiobook (#7 of the original ND books, no less!) at the library, and a few days later, I picked up a few more and have been detecting away with Nancy, Bess, and George as I motor around town!

Even though I’ve read most of these Nancy Drew mysteries in hard copy before, it’s been a few years and the details of the plots were fuzzy in my mind. So it’s been wonderful listening to these stories again, and I admit I’ve also picked up a few Nancy Drew mysteries to read too since starting these audiobooks! I find I remember the details and what’s happened in earlier chapters well, and so it isn’t confusing or difficult to keep up with the plot.

Since I’ve about run out of the ND books on CD available at my library, I’ve also added some inspirational suspense and Christian fiction titles to my stack of audiobooks to listen to. I’m eager to see if those titles are as fun a listening experience as Nancy has been!

If you’re finding it hard to find the time for reading, just want something new to listen to while you drive, or want to boost how much you read, I recommend trying audiobooks! You can also play them at home on a stereo system or computer, and your children might enjoy a different way of reading, too 🙂

If you have a nearby library or other book resource, why not pick out an audiobook or few to try? Most libraries have them now, and some bookstores carry them, as well. Not to mention, Amazon has Audible services and access to dozens. Surely, among all these options, you’ll discover audiobooks to intrigue you!

Audiobooks are great no matter your age or reading tastes, so I’d recommend them to any and all of you.

Enjoy the virtual cookies! 🙂 Or better yet, turn on an audiobook and mix up your favorite cookies in the kitchen today with someone dear to you!

So, have you ever tried audiobooks? Do you enjoy this method of reading, or is it treasonous to paper-and-ink books? 😉 Well, that potential rant is a post for another day, so I’m off to a comfy armchair with a book!

Happy reading, all!


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