Ten Secrets Bethany House Employees (Almost) Never Tell

Intriguing post from Bethany House and Amy Green on what it’s like working at BH! Makes me want to intern or work there even more somehow…

Where would be your ideal place to work? Location? Field? Share with us in the comments below!

Bethany House Fiction

A few months ago, Becky Wade wrote a blog post called “Ten Secrets Authors (Almost) Never Tell.” It was such a fun glimpse into writers’ lives that I thought I’d do something similar for Bethany House. So here are a few secrets from life working at a publishing company…don’t tell!

One: It’s common to see red pen corrections on email messages, charity flyers posted on the fridge, and even notices in the bathroom. When you’re surrounded by editors, it happens, people.

Two: During cover design meetings, when choosing between poses of models, certain members of the team will suggest humorous captions for what the models are thinking, or attempt to imitate the facial expressions. (I considered snapping undercover photos to document this practice, but I think the parties involved wouldn’t appreciate that.)

Three: Whenever there are weapons used on the cover of a book, and thus lying around…

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