The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

the_wedding_dress_rachel_hauckRachel Hauck, you are determined to remain one of my new favorite authors to follow! I wasn’t sure about The Wedding Dress at first (The Royal Wedding Series was so much fun to read, I didn’t want to ruin that favorable impression by reading something by Rachel Hauck that wasn’t as wonderful). But the premise of The Wedding Dress was fascinating and I decided to keep reading it.

And I found myself sitting right alongside Charlotte as she sought to follow the dress back in history, meeting Hillary, Mary Grace and Thomas, and finally discovering the truth of her connection to Emily and Daniel. I wanted to discover more clues, follow along in Charlotte’s backseat as she drove with Hillary to find the other brides. I knew there had to be more of a connection amongst the brides than simply wearing the same wedding dress, and I was thrilled with how Rachel tied that into Charlotte’s revelations of her own past.

Initially, I wasn’t sure where the Tim-and-Charlotte story thread was headed, but I like how Rachel brought them together and emphasized the importance of making sure the relationship is strong enough and deep enough to withstand pressure and difficulties beyond the wedding. If you can’t even get to your wedding, you need to take a breath and figure it out before saying “I do,” y’all! (Thank you, Rachel, for the moment of determined reality there!)

So many pieces of this novel touched my heart and my imagination. Charlotte’s perspective toward the reasons behind Hillary’s brief marriage to Joel was beautiful, and could easily be precisely what God intended for Joel and Hillary in their relationship.

The historical details included in this story were wonderfully engaging, like the setting of Birmingham, Alabama, Taffy’s character, Emily’s convictions toward suffrage and civil rights, Joel serving in the Vietnam War….I love when authors take the time to incorporate realistic details like those in this book, and to do the research necessary to bring those details into vivid color on the pages.

I don’t want to spoil the story or the ending for you, but I’ll say this: I’ll be keeping this novel in mind whenever I’m struggling to find a book to read or re-read. 🙂

Recommended for: readers who favor strong themes of faith in their romance and fiction; mature readers who grasp historical ideas and realities such as black convict laborers, segregation, and racial prejudice; those who enjoy the mix of history, romance, and faith in their fiction choices.

My rating: 4.5/5 stars


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