Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say to Authors (and Ten You Should)

Here’s a post on things you should–and SHOULDN’T–say to authors! It offers some great suggestions for how to broach certain topics of conversation with writers, and some laughs!


Bethany House Fiction

As Bethany House’s fiction publicist, I hear a lot of horror stories from authors about questions they’re sometimes asked. Below are a few tips for those who might not know what to say when meeting an author or interacting with one online. (All taken from actual examples I’ve seen or heard about. Details changed and names withheld to protect the socially unaware.)

If these sound like you, please feel free to adopt my suggestions for replacement questions. Soon. If you’re not guilty of any of these, then just shake your head in amusement…and have a little extra sympathy for the authors you know.


One: “Oh, it must be so relaxing to have a job you can do on the side while at home.”

Many of our authors work full time at other jobs, but even when they dedicate all of their work hours to writing, it’s just that: hard work…

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