Ask Bethany House: Where Did You Get Your Name?

A glimpse into the history of Bethany House Publishers! Publicist Amy Green shares the origins of Bethany and how it developed into the fantastic publishing house it is today.

What’s YOUR favorite publisher? Does the company have interesting origins or history? Share it with us in the comments!

Bethany House Fiction

This month’s Ask Bethany House question is a bit more on the trivia spectrum, and something a number of readers have probably wondered: “What inspired the name Bethany House?”

This question takes us back to the early days of Bethany House. In 1956, when BHP began, it was part of a larger missions organization called Bethany Fellowship, an organization dedicated to training and supporting missionaries. Printing books became one of the ways they funded international missions, along with donations and various other business endeavors.

As of today, this novel has sold more than a million copies! As of today, this novel has sold more than a million copies!

BHP started out with an exclusive focus on nonfiction until publishing Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly in 1979. It is often considered the first inspirational novel. Ever since then, we’ve had a proud history of publishing books from some of the best Christian fiction authors out there. (Scan the bottom corner of the spines…

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