Eight Tips for Reading a Book Without Interruption

HA! If you want to read without interruptions… 😉

Bethany House Fiction

It’s one of the great trials of a reader’s life: the fact that whenever you settle down with a good book, it seems like someone needs you or has a question or—of all things—decides it’s the perfect moment to chat with you. As someone who’s dealt with this particular problem many times, I have several suggestions for how to have an interruption-free reading time.


One: Wear a disguise. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to remain undisturbed by family members. They might wonder why there’s a random person with a wig, sunglasses, and plastic hillbilly teeth in their living room, but hopefully they’ll be too afraid to ask questions.

Two: Put up a warning sign of some sort. Feel free to include actual consequences, and don’t forget to follow through if people disregard it. After all, you can’t risk your reputation by making empty threats. Besides, if…

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