Ask Bethany House: What Does a Copy Editor Do?

This is an intriguing look inside the work of a copy editor for a publishing house! Amy and Elisa do a great job exploring the work itself and ideas for how to gain experience and the necessary skill set to become a copy editor.

Bethany House Fiction

This week’s Ask Bethany House question seems straightforward at first: “What does the job of an editor at Bethany House involve?”

Of course, my first response to this is: “What kind of editor?” Yes, it makes a difference, and to add to the confusion, publishing companies don’t always use the same terminology to refer to each type of editor.

The ancient version of copy editors? The origin of modern copy editors?

If you’re interested in the perspective of an acquisitions editor, check out this Q&A. Today on the blog, we’re chatting with Elisa, one of our copy editors, about the work she does on Bethany House books.

Amy: If you were explaining to someone totally unfamiliar with publishing terminology what you do as a copy editor, what would you say?

Elisa: I work to make a book consistent and polished so that the author’s vision is clearly expressed to the reader. People usually associate copy…

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