Julie Lessman’s Isle of Hope

51CEdqfLwsL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Historical author Julie Lessman has taken on a new challenge: writing contemporary fiction. Did she succeed?

Oh, yes, she did!

Isle of Hope (visit Amazon.com for a plot synopsis) is deeply emotional, full of character twists and plot turns, and every word echoes the theme of the novel’s original title – UNFAILING LOVE.

Lessman’s latest novel is starkly different from her usual inspirational, almost-edgy Christian historical fiction, yet her voice rings true throughout this contemporary story of two families’ lives and the events that almost rip them apart irreparably. And in the story of the faith and unyielding Love that fixes the brokenness in each character, Lessman’s voice is stronger yet.

Isle of Hope is filled with elements of Lessman’s own faith journey and experiences, and may be her most autobiographical work yet. Each of her novels contains pieces of herself, as she readily admits, and you’ll get to know Lessman as you read her books. I’ve never read another author whose novels so clearly show the reader their author’s heart, and it’s quite endeared Julie Lessman to me.

Note: This novel features complex faith, relationship, and family elements as part of the protagonists’ journey throughout the book. Characters struggle with parents’ actions and attitudes, relationship trouble, and some emotional difficulty. However, there is a redeeming ending – and no little mending of relationships by the conclusion. Just don’t expect your grandmother’s Christian fiction!

**A Glimmer of Hope, a prequel novella to Isle of Hope, is available for preorder now at Amazon.com for only $0.99. It releases March 1!**

My rating: 4.5/5 stars

Recommended for: mature readers of Christian fiction who don’t mind an edgier voice in inspirational fiction (Lessman is known for writing more passionate content in her books, though nothing inappropriate or clearly ‘not-Christian’); mature readers who can accept the rough journey of the protagonists from adolescence to adulthood; readers who appreciate a fictional story based on a romance and a prominent faith journey; fans of Lessman’s historical fiction who’d like to try her contemporary voice.

Happy reading!


8 thoughts on “Julie Lessman’s Isle of Hope

  1. julielessman says:

    Sarah, thank you SO much for the wonderful review, my friend — MUCH appreciated! Especially the line, “I’ve never read another author whose novels so clearly show the reader their author’s heart, and it’s quite endeared Julie Lessman to me.”

    I really appreciate that statement more than any other because every novel I write holds a life lesson that I learned the hard way, so I like to share the wealth without the pain, you know? 😉

    Thanks again, Sarah!


    Liked by 1 person

    • sclauche says:

      Julie, thank YOU for stopping by! It was a pleasure to review this book. I loved Isle of Hope, and I can’t wait for A Glimmer of Hope and for the next book.


      Liked by 1 person

  2. angels95 says:

    Enjoyed your review, Sarah – thank you!!

    I fell in love with Julie’s writing (and her) the first page of the first book of hers I read (I have each of them in both eBook and paperback format) – for some of the very reasons you mentioned. Her passion, realistic characters and plots, twists in the plots, beautiful romance, wonderful families, life lessons are each exquisite – what sold me was the fact she does put so much of herself in her books (making her books like precious, comfortable friends you love to spend time with and hate to leave) and God is the center of each of her books, the characters revolving around Him. Yes, reading Julie’s books is truly one of the best ways to know Julie, herself – they grab your heart and soul, leaving an unforgettably beautiful impression and inspiration!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sclauche says:


      Thanks for stopping by! I love Julie’s books, too, although I don’t think I have as many copies of them as you do. 🙂

      If you enjoyed your visit to Scribbles & Somedays, please follow the blog. I frequently review books including and similar to Julie’s, and I’d love to see you here!


  3. angels95 says:

    P.S. “Isle of Hope” is the most compelling fiction on the themes of hope, forgiveness through God’s love I’ve ever read, I truly feel it is Julie’s best work yet!!


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