Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner!

JULIE_TURQUOISE IN CHAIRWell, not to dinner, exactly. More like to Scribbles & Somedays!

Guess. Who’s. Coming?! I’ll give you a hint or two:

She’s an author. I’ve reviewed her work here on Scribbles & Somedays.

She’s recently moved from writing historical fiction to writing contemporary fiction, though not permanently.

If you guessed Julie Lessman, you’re correct! Julie will be visiting on Thursday, February 25th. I’ll be interviewing Julie, and (drum roll, please…) together we will be hosting Scribbles & Somedays’ FIRST-EVER GIVEAWAY! And there will be multiple prizes… 😉

That’s right – Julie Lessman, an interview, AND a giveaway!

I’m so excited to have Julie visit, I may swoon. I hope you’ll all come to enter the giveaway and learn about Julie and her books!


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