Coming to a Television near You: Karen Kingsbury’s Baxter Family

kkHave any of you read Karen Kingsbury‘s Baxter Family series? It includes more than 20 novels that tell the epic story of the Baxters, your average Midwestern family, and their lives, loves, struggles, and joys. You might think you’ve heard it all before, that it’s just another inspirational fiction series like any other. You might think it’s just your mother’s Christian fiction.

And you’d think wrong.

This series follows the Baxters and their extensive family and friends throughout their lives, starting with the grown Baxter children and their families. I grew up reading these books (thanks for introducing me to them, big sis! 🙂 ), and Kingsbury, among a few other select authors, started me on a lifelong love of inspirational fiction.

They’re complex and deep with real-life circumstances and tests of faith and family, and they’re still some of my favorites. As a bonus, they’re clean enough for teenage readers, but still excellent reads for adult readers, too. It’s no wonder Kingsbury has over 25 million devoted readers!

Kingsbury and her Baxter series have been around for years, but she has recently been in the news with an exciting announcement: Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel, LightWorkers Media) will be developing a TV series based on the Baxter books!

You can find the article here. I’m so excited for this television adaptation, and I’ll be eagerly anticipating further news as Downey and LightWorkers Media get to work!


How about you? What books do you love that have been adapted for film or television? How do you feel about those adaptations?

Or, what books/series do you want to see on the big screen someday?


2 thoughts on “Coming to a Television near You: Karen Kingsbury’s Baxter Family

    • sclauche says:

      No news yet on when we should expect the series to air. It will probably be a while yet. However, Karen IS writing more Baxter books! “A Baxter Family Christmas” just released in October, and there are at least 3 more titles coming (next one in June).


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