The Reluctant Duchess – Roseanna M. White Does It Again!

51hkRqfiK2L__SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Y’all heard my appreciation for The Lost Heiress, book 1 in Roseanna M. White‘s Ladies of the Manor series weeks ago (find my review here). Now, I’m so excited to bring you my review of book 2 – The Reluctant Duchess!

I fell in love with Rowena almost instantly, with her battered heart and fragile spirit. Her pain, her difficult childhood, her fears and inability to trust anymore…. Rowena is such a sympathetic character, and yet she’s tough and determined not to be at the mercy of others any longer. She makes you want to hug her and applaud her all at once. And Brice was just perfect for her – supportive, dependable, gentle. They had a rough start, but I can’t wait to see how they’re doing when book 3, A Lady Unrivaled, releases in a few months.

Roseanna’s characters are so realistic in their personalities, struggles, and emotions that they tug you into the story. She does a wonderful job of crafting them and their lives so vividly that you can imagine it all playing out like a classic film, and then she invites you into the manor, too.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting A Lady Unrivaled, which tells the story of Brice’s sister, Ella, and will likely resolve the Fire Eyes intrigue that shares the plot stage with each book’s romance. In the meantime, I might just reread books 1 and 2 of this lovely historical series! 🙂

The Reluctant Duchess releases today, so go get your own copy!

My rating: 4.5/5 stars

Recommended for: fans of Roseanna M. White’s writing, particularly the Ladies of the Manor series; those who enjoy historical European fiction set in the Edwardian era; those readers mature enough to handle elements of abuse and trauma (nothing is graphically portrayed, but it is discussed due to Rowena’s painful past, so I’d recommend this novel as one more for adult readers); readers who enjoy stories of God’s redemption and grace in historical inspirational fiction.

Note: I received a copy of this book via Bethany House Publishers, the author, and NetGalley.


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