Cold Shot – Dani Pettrey Does It Again!

If you’ve been following along on Scribbles & Somedays the last few months, you know how much I love Dani Pettrey‘s novels. If you’re new to the Scribbles community, well, it’s a LOT.

Cold ShotDespite my ongoing adoration of her books, I was a little nervous to read Cold Shot after Dani wrapped up her fabulous Alaskan Courage series. Cold Shot is the first of the new Chesapeake Valor series, and I wondered – could this new venture live up to her debut series?

In a word? Yes!

Cold Shot is the story of Finley, a forensic anthropologist, and Griffin, a former sniper turned Gettysburg park ranger. She’s trying to lay Civil War soldiers to rest, and he’s not happy that she’s on his turf and disturbing the resting places of fallen troops. But then Griffin discovers a more recent grave.

Finley is called upon to study the remains, and she and Griffin are soon embroiled in a murder investigation that places their own lives in danger. Griffin’s childhood friends, CSI Parker and FBI agent Declan, join the investigation, too, stirring up painful memories of their friend Luke’s disappearance years ago.

The murder investigation, reawakened questions about Luke’s disappearance, and a growing romance between Finley and Griffin combine in this fast-paced inspirational suspense. I’m happy to announce that fans of the Alaskan Courage series WILL NOT be disappointed by Cold Shot!

Cold Shot is just as excellent as Dani’s previous five novels. I can’t wait for the next Chesapeake Valor book! I highly recommend this novel.

My rating: 5/5 stars

Recommended for: fans of Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage series; those who enjoy Dee Henderson’s, Lynette Eason’s, and Irene Hannon’s inspirational suspense; readers who favor a mix of suspense, faith, and romance in their reading materials.


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