Sins of the Past: Masterful Suspense!

Sins of the Past presents novellas from51QUr6Wq4YL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_ three queens of inspirational suspense: Missing by Dee Henderson, Shadowed by Dani Pettrey, and Blackout by Lynette Eason. All three of these mini-suspense stories are packed with tests of faith, romance, and mysteries to keep you turning pages until the wee hours.

Dee Henderson’s Missing introduces us to Sharon, an experienced Illinois cop who works missing persons cases. If you’ve read Dee’s latest novel, Traces of Guilt, you’re already familiar with her name. (Evie and Sharon will soon be working together on the governor’s cold case task force.) Sharon helps Wyoming police chief John find his kidnapped mother. Romantic sparks also fly in this race to save John’s mother from her captor!

Next up is Dani Pettrey’s Shadowed. I am so excited to finally meet the parents of the beloved McKenna clan from Dani’s Alaskan Courage series! Ben and Libby definitely don’t disappoint. 🙂

In Blackout, Lynette Eason lets us into the lives of Macey and Chad, two neighbors who have been avoiding their feelings for each other for years. That avoidance has to end when Macey’s past comes back to haunt her, and she needs Chad’s help to stay alive.

All three of these novellas were fantastic. Somehow, these authors always deliver just the right mix of romance, mystery, and faith. I am a happy owner of this collection, and I definitely recommend you check out Sins of the Past!

My rating: 5/5 stars

Recommended for: fans of Lynette Eason, Dani Pettrey, Dee Henderson, Irene Hannon, and other similar authors of inspirational suspense; readers who prefer mysteries with a little more than just a whodunit involved

Note: I received a copy of this novella collection via NetGalley.


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