Review: Keep Holding On by Melissa Tagg

51y5stwyELLI loved this story from Melissa Tagg! Beckett and Kit were adorable – characters with history together that reconnect after years apart when they come home to Maple Valley. Keep Holding On is one of those hometown tales in which you find yourself rooting for the characters to stay and rediscover their home.

Kit is back to save her family’s apple orchard (yum!), while Beckett is in town for a family wedding. Matters get complicated for both of them, and they find themselves working together to achieve their plans. As you might expect, a romance begins to develop between them.

This book definitely lived up to the standards of the previous titles in this series. I’ve enjoyed the entire series, but I have to say Keep Holding On is my favorite. You get to know the Walker family a little more with each book, making each story better than the last. This book was a redemption story, and homecoming, for Beckett, and it was just wonderfully done.

If you love series centered around a family, you’ll enjoy getting to know Melissa Tagg’s Walker family.

My rating: 5/5 stars

Recommended for: fans of Melissa Tagg’s Walker family; those who favor family-based series; readers who prefer contemporary inspirational fiction authors like Denise Hunter


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