Law Review: Beyond Justice by Cara Putman


Beyond Justice is the suspenseful story of Hayden McCarthy. She’s a young Washington, D.C., lawyer who’s just been handed a case with incredibly high stakes. Win it, and she’ll be on the fast track. Lose it, and she’ll lose her job – and possibly her life.

I’m not much for legal fiction – and I’ll admit those scenes weren’t my favorites – but the law aspects of Beyond Justice are incredibly well-done and interesting. Hayden’s case is a mix of murder, immigration, cartel threats, and hope. She’s fighting for answers for her client, and she’s fighting her growing feelings for Andrew Wesley, her roommate’s cousin.

Hayden is a lovely character – feisty, persistent, and strikingly realistic as she struggled with her attraction to Andrew and with this bewildering case. I really enjoyed following her through her investigation, getting a glimpse into D.C. outside of the Capitol. Andrew is equally realistic and intriguing. There’s a nice cast of secondary characters, but all the names did get a little confusing. So many lawyers! 😉

If you like Cara Putman’s style, you’ll love her foray into legal suspense. But if you’re hesitant to jump into Beyond Justice, you can try its prequel novella, Dying for Love, for free. Just contact Cara via, and she’ll share it with you!

Beyond Justice releases April 4th, so get ready by reading its prequel now!

My rating: 4/5 stars

Recommended for: fans of Cara Putman; readers of inspirational/legal/romantic suspense

Note: I received a copy of this novel via NetGalley.


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