Review: When Tides Turn

518Za7NkqTLWell, you can always count on Sarah Sundin for a good WWII romance! When Tides Turn is her latest (out just this month), and if you’ve loved her previous novels, you should definitely try this one.

When Tides Turn is the final chapter in the Waves of Freedom series. Lt. Dan Avery is a Navy man to the core – focused, determined, loyal. Tess Beaumont is new to the military, part of the WAVES program adding women to the Navy. Both fight their pasts and self-doubt to serve their country in one of the worst wars in history. And of course, there’s a swoony romance waiting on deck for them, not to mention a spy-filled mystery! 😉

The Waves of Freedom trilogy is fascinating. I especially like the slight feminist bent – each story has a feisty female protagonist who refuses to stay in her “little woman” box. In an era of women taking on typically-masculine roles, these ladies step up and serve with honor. Each heroine – Mary, Lillian, Tess – discovers unknown strength in herself. I loved following Tess’s character development as she works to change from selfish and “a pretty face” to someone who is unselfish and useful. Tess finds new purpose as an officer in the WAVES, and she quickly became my favorite character.

Another characteristic of Sundin’s writing is the historical detail. As someone who actually enjoys research (yes, I am a card-carrying nerd), I love how obvious Sundin’s research is. It’s clear that she puts in the necessary time to get those details right, and yet those facts somehow blend seamlessly into the storytelling. Props to Sarah Sundin!

If you’re a history buff and a romantic, you’ll love When Tides Turn and the rest of the Waves of Freedom series. Tess and Dan will steal your hearts faster than 1940s radar could detect a German U-boat!

My rating: 4/5 stars

Recommended for: WWII history buffs; fans of Sarah Sundin’s books; romantics who favor some history and mystery with their inspirational fiction; those who enjoy stories of women in history

Note: I received a copy of this novel via NetGalley.


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