Review: A Matter of Trust

51MM3iR1esLThe third installment in Susan May Warren’s Montana Rescue series is A Matter of Trust, featuring senator Ella Blair and snowboarding legend Gage Watson. Ella’s out to save her reckless younger brother from trying to top Gage’s snowy exploits, and Gage just wants to be left alone in his new life as a member of the Montana Rescue team.

But Gage has never been able to refuse Ella when she needs him. So it’s not long before he finds himself atop a mountain with Ella, searching for her kid brother and trying to outrun the weather. Drama, drama, drama ensues as the pair makes their way down the cold mountain – and romance, too!

I love Ella’s fierceness! She never quits, especially when it comes to protecting her brother, even if it means facing Gage again. It’s no surprise that their reunion reignites their attraction. Nothing like a high-stress situation to bring things to a boil, no? And despite the chill of the snowy mountains, I assure you the sparks are hot and flying between Gage and Ella.

Ella’s character is my favorite part of this book. The romance is also lovely – charming, feisty, full of realistic hurdles. Warren creates beautifully dynamic characters and plots; it’s always such a delight to read her books!

My rating: 4/5 stars

Recommended for: fans of Susan May Warren and similar authors; those who enjoy family/friends sagas; readers who favor themes of trust and second chances

Note: I received a copy of this novel via NetGalley.


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