On this page, you’ll find Scribbles & Somedays policies.

Review Policy

I review books of my choosing, and do so honestly. All books reviewed here are either purchases, gifts, borrowed, or received for review. (Per the Disclosure Statement, when a book is one sent to me specifically for a review, that fact will be clearly indicated at the bottom of that blog post. I am not paid for these reviews. I try to complete all reviews in a timely manner as agreed when I accepted the book for review.) Often, I will also post my reviews on sites such as Goodreads or Amazon.

If you’d like to request a review, please contact me here on Scribbles & Somedays. If you are an author, brand, company, publisher, or publicist interested in having me review a book or book-related item, please email me through the Contact tab.

Things to Note before Requesting:

  1. I read widely, but I tend to prefer (and review) Christian and inspirational fiction/nonfiction, as well as select mystery and children’s/YA authors. Occasionally, I review other genres, but I’m selective in what I promote here on Scribbles & Somedays.
  2. I reserve the right to accept or decline any review request. By contacting me, you are not guaranteed a review on Scribbles & Somedays. I agree only to consider a book for review.
  3. I reserve the right to determine if what you want reviewed is relevant to or appropriate for Scribbles & Somedays. I will answer every review request, but not every request will receive a ‘yes.’
  4. I will be honest in my opinion.
  5. All views expressed in the review are solely my own.


Blog Content

As long as you give proper credit and linkage, you are welcome to link to or share any posts you find interesting. Please comment so I know you’ve done so and can hop over to your site, too. I enjoy exploring the blog-o-sphere! However, please obtain written permission from me (Contact) before using original content from Scribbles & Somedays and then include a direct link back to this blog.



I welcome comments and feedback! Be respectful of others and keep your commentary PG/family-friendly. I reserve the right to moderate all comments and only allow those appropriate to Scribbles & Somedays.

(Last updated: February 2018)