Jackie O.: So Much More than Style

0916-Jacqueline-Kennedy-Book_full_600The phrase “Jackie O.” is iconic in itself, and so much more so is the woman behind that name. Jackie Kennedy is famous for being President John F. Kennedy‘s First Lady, for her fashionable style, and of course for being in the car next to him when he was assassinated.

What I didn’t know–and I assume I’m not alone in this–was the rest of Jackie Kennedy. We know her as Mrs. JFK, and that part of her life was indeed significant and admirable. It takes a strong, devoted woman to support her husband’s political aspirations and to be the First Lady of this country.

This article taught me more about the iconic Jackie Kennedy than any other text I can recall studying. The Makers organization, whose mission is to share women’s stories, posted this article at the end of July in memory of Jackie’s birthday, and I found it fascinating! (Jackie would have been 86 years old this summer.)

So here’s what I learned:

  1. She spoke 5 languages proficiently, and used her multilingual abilities during both JFK’s campaign and his tenure as President of the United States.
  2. Jackie was an accomplished writer and editor throughout her life.
  3. She refused to become merely another conventional housewife.
  4. She actually received an Emmy award for the tours she hosted of the White House!
  5. Jackie started and ran a school within the White House for her children and those of the Kennedy administration.

Check out this article on Jackie!


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